Locally made ice cream served in Abington


Cream. It started with a dream.

Before Craig Perry and Lenora Cushing ever met, married in 2008, and opened Cream in 2009, they each had hoped to one day open a business. 

Not just any business, but an ice cream shop. 

And not just another ice cream shop, but one that reflected all the good things that make a visit to an ice cream shop special and fun and worth the trip for the whole family.




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After finding the 1209 Bedford location for lease online, formerly the Johnson Dairy Farm and Emma's Dairy Freeze, it felt like a natural that their ice cream shop would be next in line. 

It was and they called it Cream.





That's when the search for the best ice cream, the best sauces and the best toppings began, a search that is always ongoing. 

That's when the taste testing began, too. 

They looked to local businesses first, then looked far and wide. 

The ice cream would be Richardson's from Middleton, MA. That was a given because that was their favorite.

The fudge sauce is Sanders from Michigan, marshmallows come all the way from Vancouver and a one-of-a-kind peanut butter molten chocolate cakes for their specialty Sundae “Peanut Butter After Dark” is the creation of local pastry chef Phillip Caramello. 

The list goes on.






Following their own good business instincts and the advice of a a 90-year-old veteran of the ice cream business, they came up with and stuck to a recipe for success. 

Find the best product, serve generous portions, raise prices only when you need to and have fun.

That's what Craig and Lenora have done and that's what they will continue to do. And they hope the kids keep asking their parents, "Can we go to Cream? Please."





Richardson’s Ice Cream


Multi-generational family run farm and dairy in Middleton, MA. In our estimation there just is no better ice cream in the area!



Thatcher Farm Milk


Fifth generation milk delivery service from Milton, MA. True to the value that Craig and Lenora have for their business, supporting small businesses is key and choosing the milk (whole, skim and chocolate) and cream they use to make the thick frappes and use for the delicious whipped cream on the sundaes made choosing Thatcher Farm as a natural fit.



Sanders Fudge
and Caramel Sauces


If you haven’t tried Sanders, you simply don't know what you are missing. Craig and Lenora searched high and low for the absolute best sauces (Traditional Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with a touch of caramel and traditional Caramel).  Starting in the ‘70’s, Lenora would visit her oldest brother and his family in Detroit, MI and Sanders Ice Cream Parlors were a favorite. When her niece visited after Cream was opened, she said “Everything is perfect – except you need to see if you can get Sanders sauces.” Thus began the first (and to our knowledge the only) ice cream shop in Massachusetts to feature these incredible sauces.



Rosie Daykin’s
Butter Bakery


The perfect marshmallow that can be toasted to a golden crisp, yet be runny on the inside, stay perfectly in place on a stick – but most importantly, taste delicious. When Craig and Lenora stumbled on a bag of Butter Bakery Marshmallows at Shubie’s Marketplace in Marblehead, they knew they had found the perfect marshmallow, they needed to decide what to do with it. That’s where the Campfire Sundae and the Mallow Peach come in. Two favorite specialty sundaes! 



Mama B’s
Tasty Treats


Chocolate Chip Cookies with chunks of caramel baked inside creates the perfect cookie for our Salted Caramel Cookie Sundae!





When Cream opened in 2010, the first signature specialty was a Boston Cooler (vanilla ice cream blended with Vernors). Vernors is the oldest surviving ginger ale brand in the United States and was created in Detroit, MI.  The name Boston Cooler is believed to be named after Detroit’s Boston Boulevard. In 2010 you were not able to buy Vernors in Massachusetts, so when Lenora’s family would take trips to Ohio to visit her nephew they would bring back cases of the ginger ale. It is now available at Wegman’s Markets.





Cold brew by the glass and as the basis for our version of an affogato.





Premium craft sodas, seltzer waters, bottled water and the water used for our signature cold brew.



Phillip Caramello

A talented local Pastry Chef from Plymouth, MA whose Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate cake with a center of satisfying molten, creamy peanut butter is the basis for the specialty sundae, Peanut Butter After Dark.


Seasonal fresh fruit from local farms are the base for summer desserts