Spring In New England

by Jessica Mandelbaum

As we approach the spring season here in New England, we have a front row seat to the strength and resilience of Mother Nature. The earth thaws and tender shoots begin to peak through the damp soil. Daffodils and crocuses offer a hopeful contrast to the grayscale we’ve come to expect from the dreary winter. The air smells of growth and anticipation; soon our state will be littered with farmers markets and our kitchens plentiful with fresh produce. Spring is a wonderful time to focus on supporting your local community.

Shop local, the localization movement, slow food… You may have heard these phrases and others. You may have read an article displayed at your neighborhood Whole Foods Market promoting their local products. Or seen a meme posted on social media from a progressive, hippy-type you knew back when. However you’ve been exposed to the localization movement, it’s most likely not an entirely new concept to you. But why is shopping local so important? Keep reading and I’ll tell you!

It’s good for you. Food that is grown locally has a much shorter ‘waiting period’ between the farm and your table. Therefore it generally contains a higher nutrient content than produce that has traveled across the country or overseas. It is also generally tastier and more flavorful. Local produce is harvested at its peak and usually sold within a day or so. Shopping local guarantees your produce will be healthful, flavorful and in prime form for you and your family.

It’s good for your community. Studies show that small, privately owned businesses are more likely to use other local businesses. This means that if you buy within your community your money will most likely cycle throughout other various local businesses and continue to benefit you and your neighbors. This applies not only to your food but to all of your purchases. You vote with your dollar. Make sure you’re supporting your neighbors as often as possible.

It’s good for the earth. Often small businesses don’t receive government support which means their only means to upkeep the land is through the community’s support. By supporting local farmers you’re helping them to maintain their land. You’re also supporting sustainable farming practices. Sourcing locally also reduces the amount of transport necessary to bring produce to the consumer. This means less gas, less emissions and less pollution.

Supporting your local community is not trendy or a temporary fad; it’s a sustainable and positive way to live your life. Shopping local helps you and your family, your community and our planet. This is why it is so important for us at Cream Etc. to help support local, sustainable farmers. Our eggs, meat, dairy and produce are all sourced as close to Abington as possible, whenever possible. We do our best to provide our customers with the highest quality product because it benefits us all. Help us create a better world for the next generation and support your local farmer!

Below are some links that may help you connect with your community!